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"Amanda with ABGranger Media is very poised and talented which makes her more capable of being the business woman she is. Her work ethic, and overall professionalism is impeccable! She is encouraging, she is a motivator, and she truly cares about your business. It’s the reason why I’ve chosen to work with her twice! I truly love it here! The best advice she continues to give me is.. 'Consistence is the key'."

- Darlene Hill: Fashion, Beauty, Style Influencer

Darlene Hill
Amanda Granger, ABGranger Media, LLC

Amanda Granger, ABGranger Media, LLC

For the past 20 years, I have been writing, editing, posting and sharing online. I am a graduate of the Broadcast Journalism program at Troy (State) University.

To further my understanding of the communication field, I obtained my Master of Science in Strategic Communication. I have successfully applied the philosophies, tools and techniques I learned in that program to various marketing and promotional campaigns. 

​In addition to being a television news producer, during my career I was extremely fortunate to serve as a web journalist, online editor and digital media manager for news outlets in Charlotte, Montgomery and Savannah. This is where I learned the valuable skills that gave me the confidence to build websites outside the newsroom, write blogs and engage readers (customers) through social media.